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K9GRIT represents a "lifestyle" for both Human and Dog, below represents ways to ensure BOTH Human and Dog DON'T STOP!


Fitness is a LifeStyle for both Human and Dog


Obedience works the Brain, as Fitness works the body.


Food equates energy output but that can only be as good as Energy Input
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  • andersonjones850
    Mar 27, 2018

    Hello everybody, The conclusion of the argument above is that “dog food should not include products containing gluten” and the evidence given to support that conclusion is a study comparing two dog foods that seems to show wheat causes problems. However, no proof is actually given that it is the gluten-containing wheat in Farmer’s Delight food that is actually causing the intestinal issues and general malaise in the dogs. This is a classic case of mistaking correlation for causation. For More Details: Sustainability video Thanks