Fitness and Conditioning Programs designed for teams of Human&Dog. Our core foundational background is in working and performance dogs. We strive to build and ensure the dogs train at an elite level and their peak ability, while aiming to remain injury free.

Group and private programs are available, in person and online. Our programs are lifestyle based for both Human and Dog.

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Basic Obedience, the foundation of everything you do with your canine partner and everything needed to further you and your dogs conditioning development with K9GRIT. 

~Leash Manners





~Environmental Exposure

Group and Private Sessions Available.


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LifeStyle Coaching Human and Dog 

Our concern is not who you train with but that you TRAIN! Through the Lifestyle Coaching Program we can help you develop a new go forward program or help you can a bit more clarity in your current program. Remember, Dog Obdience and Fitness starts with the relationship of handler and dog. Group and Private sessions available.

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