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It's a Lifestyle.


The goal of K9GRIT is for not to "train" your dog. The goal is to empower you to build a relationship with your dog(s), resulting in communication that allows you to work as a "TEAM" to meet your goals together. 


Working together by choice, without inhibiting or controlling the other, will teach you to learn about each others strengths and weaknesses and in turn live up to the standards and goals you strive to obtain together.



        CCAS Certified Canine Athlete Specialist-      Northeast K9 Conditioning Academy

Certification, Canine Conditioning 101-Northeast K9 Conditioning Academy
Member PSA, Protection Sport Association

Member NADF, North American DogSport Federation

Member USFSS, United States Federation of Sleddog Sports

2016/2017 USFSS 1&2 Dog Pilot National Team

2017 USFSS Team USA Member, World Championship competitor Kozle, Poland



Smart Money Magazine

Huffington Post

Pet Business Magazine

Working Like a Dog Published 


BA, Purdue University



*2017 USFSS World Team





*2017 US Canine Biathlon

*2018 US Canine Biathlon

JU-SAN-Belgium Malinois 

*2017 US Canine Biathlon

*2018 US Canine Biathlon

*2018 First Place K9 Fitness Challenge


July 16, 2010-January 6, 2018



SEVEN had many public appearances, including but not listed to the following:

*Anti Breed Discrimination Dog chosen to represent the Doberman for Shorty Rossi "The Pit Boss" Ad Campaign 

*Working Like A Dog (Book) by Bandise Danesewich and Nicole Ellis

*Compton's Finest (movie)